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Academy of Performing Arts

Dance Elite
Academy of Performing Arts
2951 N. Plaza Drive, Suite 101
Rapid City, SD 57702
Dance Elite is a BBB Accredited Dance Company in Rapid City, SD

"Working with Lia was an amazing and fun experience, but also it was one of those rare showbiz experiences, when you know there is something "magic" happening.  Lia's talent and drive (and extension!) were in a category rarely ever seen in my then 26 years in the business. She has a rare blend of emotion, talent and energy about her that had the audience literally 'gasping' at her dance abilities!

"Then last year, I was asked by Lia to come teach at her studio, "Dance Elite" in Rapid City, SD. Her teaching of technique is of course, well above and beyond what you would find at any given studio, but above that, she instills a FIRE and a CORE OF BELIEFS in her dancers in class, that I have not seen in any studio, anywhere. PASSION! DRIVE!! ENERGY!! And at the core, a LOVE FOR DANCE!! I know! I worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Gene Kelly, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston and many others who to me, are some of the most creative talents in the world!! I'm so proud of her as a dance teacher and a friend!"

Christopher Childers  
-Principal Dancer (Red Bird) 'Mystere' CIRQUE DU SOLEIL 
-Company Manager 'Le Reve' CIRQUE DU SOLEIL.                                                 

Studio director, Lia Malcolm, whose credits
include Britain's Royal Ballet, Folies Bergere, Cirque du Soleil, Cats, and Tap Dogs, has changed the way that Black Hills residents experience the art of performance. Her talented dancers have shaken the foundation of the South Dakota dance community and drawn interest from neighboring states. 

The dynamic Elite Squad has garnered more than 425 awards
 in the competitive dance field. These awards include:
1 x Regional Grand Champion 
5 x grand champions, 1 x Encore Finalist, 4  x scholarships, 9 x invitations, 1 x Spotlight title, 1 x Spotlight Elite, 3 x Entertainment, 35 x Judges' Choices, 4 x Choreography, 1 x Studio Achievement, 3 x Triple Crowns, 1 x Spirit Award, 6 x Overall Competition High Scores, 1 x Above 1st place, 59 x 1st place, 46 x 2nd place, 9 x 3rd place, 73 x category awards.
In the overall awards we  have had 30 x 1st place, 28 x 2nd place, 68 x 3rd place, 7 x 4th place, 11 x 5th place, 3 x 6th place, 6 x 7th place, 1 x 8th place, 4 x 9th place, and 4 x 10th place overalls.  

Dance Elite has been home to more than 20 pageant titleholders, which is more than any other dance studio in South Dakota. We invite you to browse through our website and call if you would like to schedule a studio tour.

Welcome to Dance Elite
Academy of Performing Arts,
Home of the 2014 Triple S Regional Grand Champions!

2014 Best of Rapid City Award

"My name is Steven Beagley, I am a former principal dancer of The Royal Ballet Companies, and had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Lia Malcolm and what a great experience it was. A truly beautiful dancer with a  wonderful, lyrical style that made the work so enjoyable. A very strong technique in all styles that makes her such a great artist and why she had such a wonderful and full career."

Stephen Beagley
-Principal dancer of The Royal Ballet
-Artistic Director at The Bangkok City Ballet



•Classical Ballet • Pointe 

• Repertoire & Technique 
• Lyrical • Jazz 
• West Coast Hip Hop 
• Irish Step Dance • Tap  • Drama 
• Musical Theatre 
• Competition Choreography 
• Pageant Choreography


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